Session 2018 n°7 - Artificial Intelligence

Astonishingly, in the last 12 months, we have generated more data than in the whole human history. This digital revolution has pushed all-sized companies from all sectors to start using Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques to extract the data’s intrinsic value and improve the profits.

Machine Learning - sub category of AI - leverages the statistical and computer science expertise to learn and improve systems from large datasets. While these techniques are not new, the use of machine learning is facilitating faster and larger changes in business models than previously possible.

Though the democratization of AI is at its highest point, companies as well as employees are still struggling to channel the concepts, the added value and the ever increasing business opportunities this field provides.

  • What is artificial intelligence and machine learning?

  • How to build the bridge between business and data science?

  • How to start leveraging your data and become a data-driven business?

  • What tools and pre-packaged machine learning solutions are out there to help you go faster?

  • What does the future hold for AI?

These questions, and some more, will be tackled during our session, with a state of the art, a benchmark between the NNG's members, feedbacks from success stories and exchanges within the members along the afternoon.