IoT & Connected Services

by Navigacom


Our clients ask us to



Why should I care about IoT?

understand what IoT is, its opportunities, constraints, technologies and use cases. Start to figure out how the IoT could be used.


How to offer IoT services to my business and my final clients?

Define the use cases and the IoT services then the technological blocks needed. Turn products and services into connected things.



I am stuck in my IoT strategy or implementation. How can I overcome it?

Spot the difficulties and levers to refine the IoT services and technological blocks.



How can I be sure the service will meet the needs?

Test the solution in a Proof of Value la solution (PoV) or Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach.



How to partner with the best suppliers?

Select the best suppliers regarding my context and my company’s ambitions (RFP vs hackathon approach).



How to know if this is the best move?

Assess the opportunity of launching a project / use case technically and economically (a comprehensive business case).



How to deploy the solutions?

Deploy the solutions in compliancy with the planning and the company’s operational constraints.

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Are we in compliance with the regulations?

Comply with the local and international regulations and foresee any changes.



How to create an internal ecosystem suitable for a massive IoT deployment?

Manage new services creation and ensure their fast execution in line with needs.

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