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Our Areas of Expertise


Emerging technologies

Advisory on emerging technologies such as IoT, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain


Innovation advisory to help our clients rationalise their innovation processes & improve their success rate


Agile & Organisation

Evangelisation, training & roll-out of organisation & processes Agile SAFe.

Our main offers

Below our 3 main offers


Monetise your data

  • Identify your data available

  • Brainstorm to identify new businesses & improve existing processes

  • Validate your ideas in 4 axes: Legal, Data, Architecture & Finance

  • Implement the best ideas with tools such as machine learning


Improve your Innovation processes

  • Audit your Innovation capabilities in 5 axes: Technical, Functional, Business, Organisation & Enterprise strategy

  • Analyse & refine your ideas during an ideation phase using “Navigacom’s homemade" Innovation methodology

  • Valide your best ideas with a “Proof of Value” & a business case


Implement an IoT offer

  • Define an IoT roadmap in 3 steps: context analysis, market analysis & target definition

  • Perform a RFI (Request for Information) to better understand the market capabilities

  • Perform a RFP (Request for Proposal) to select service providers (platform, network, e-SIM)


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